Committee members and their principal activities

  1. Public Relations Committee

    The PR Committee reports to JPLA members on the schedule of JPLA projects and the results of such projects. It also promotes such projects outside the association. Advertising and PR is principally performed via the JPLA homepage.

  2. Handbook Editing Committee

    The Handbook Editing Committee surveys JPLA member institutions once a year and publishes a handbook containing facts on each one.

  3. "Pharmaceutical Library Bulletin" Editing Committee

    Edits journals that are published quarterly.

  4. Education and Research Committee

    Plans seminar projects for JPLA members. Some of the planning is performed jointly with the Japan Medical Library Association. Implementation of a national research conference, mid-management seminars, and general library exhibition symposia are the main projects.

  5. Planning and Management Committee for "Pharmaceutical Library Association Symposium" of The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan

    Plans and conducts an independent symposium on pharmaceutical sciences and information at the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan.

  6. Investigative Committee on Journal Problems

    Has launched an electronic journal consortium with the Japan Medical Library Association. It is consulting with publishing companies concerning proposals such as the electronic journal consortium price, and provides advice to affiliated libraries.